BioMythic Breathwork

For Founders, Creators & High Performers

What is BioMythic Breathwork?

BioMythic Breathwork is designed to connect you more deeply to your personal living mythology – your hero’s journey. 

Using only your breath, music and the community you’ll experience an inner journey to a psychedelic state of consciousness that is always available within you. This is a legally safe way to experience psychedelic experience.

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This is one of the core practices of Deep Leadership and will leave you with a more robust connection to insight and intuition giving you a foundation to lead during times of chaos.

This is the type of experience is usually reserved for my year long ALCHEMY clients. The Alchemists happily pay thousands a month to access these tools and my time, and I’d like to offer this experience to your team. 

This event happens virtually and in-person at select locations. We offer custom experiences for the worlds top performers and their teams, working with teams that are already the best in class.

Event Flow

Starting the session off with introductions and background on BioMythic Breathwork, how I developed this practice and why to use it. Followed by a short meditation in preparation for our breathwork practice, then moving into a 60-90 minute guided journey with music.  

Be sure to set up a comfortable private space before the event to fully immerse yourself without distraction. Feel free to invite a partner to join with you (romantic or creative).

Upon completing our journey, we’ll have an integration circle for deeper application of this practice and an invitation to talk with me one-on-one.

What You'll Need

  • Laptop/PC with WiFi connection
  • The Zoom link
  • A private space
  • Blankets and pillows
  • Eye shades or eye mask
  • Water
  • Notebook
  • Sound system (headphones work fine!)

Meet Your Guide
Anthony David Adams

An American visionary, artist, activist, entrepreneur, and coach.

In 1991, at the age of 10, Anthony created and internationally sold his first self-help product, a computer app named Virtual Journal.

Anthony earned a BA in Psychology from Edinboro University and an MS in Urban Planning from Wisconsin. He holds a self-authored US Patent, is a former World Games Invitee, was named Top 25 Bloggers in the World by TIME Magazine and is credited with being the inspiration and founding co-host of Summit Series.

Anthony has spent the last 20 years advising companies such as Google and BMW and serving as a transformational coach for figures from the tech industry to the art world to professional sports.

Anthony's Work Has Been Featured In & Clients Include:

Here's What People Are Saying About Anthony​

"Anthony is one of the kindest, warmest, most emotionally intune souls I've ever met... his impact is almost immediate, just from having met him."
Dave Heath
Founder of Bombas
"Anthony David Adams was the inspiration for Summit and the reason it exists."
Elliott Bisnow
Founder of Summit Series

“Yes, I enthusiastically recommend Anthony if you met him and it feels like you feel a good connection and you’re looking to do deep inner and outer work.”

“Anthony has certainly helped me navigate really big life changes, and come to big conclusions. Holding space for me to realize it was time for me to leave Asana, a company that I had started and been at for a decade. To move on and do something that had felt like an even higher calling, and to identify with that higher calling. But, I would say that, even more helpful is just the way he’s helped me navigate the day-to-day, week-to-week challenges that come up in life.”
— Justin Rosentein
One Project Founder, Asana Co-founder
— Dave Heath
Bombas Co-founder & CEO

— Paul Austin

The Third Wave Founder, Synthesis Co-founder

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